In the highest part of the medieval village is the baronial palace of the Sifola di Trani, whichpreviously belonged to the Sanseverino da Bisignano family, a powerful Neapolitan patricianfamily. dating back to the 1500s, it remained the property of the family until the abolition of feudalism in August 1806, the year in which the assets of the Sifola family were sold or purchasedby private individuals.

Today it is a noble palace that has a monumental trust bond. The current layout is almost the original one: the building has a central courtyard with various entrances to the houses. On the mainfacade, which develops along Via Garibaldi, there are pointed arches in this area, typical of Arabarchitecture and 16th century architecture.

The building, a symbol of temporal power, enjoys a privileged view of the Agri valley and the Murge di Sant’Oronzo. Built at the highest point of the town, 682 meters above sea level, it facesthe place where the church of San Lorenzo once stood, in a customary ritual of dividing the mostimportant and symbolic spaces, between temporal and religious power. .



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