In front of the baronial palace, at the highest point of the town, stood the Mother Church dedicatedto the patron saint San Lorenzo Martire. Consecrated in 1372, it was damaged several times by earthquakes, and was irreparably destroyed on December 16, 1857.

The complex was never rebuilt as a sum of 10,000 ducats was estimated for this reconstruction, a sum impossible to find for a parish that is not wealthy.

The damage estimates are described by the mayor Nicola Gargia who appoints, on 9 June 1858, a commission for the surveillance of operations for the detection of earthquake damage, to deal with the demolition of the collapsed factories, the clearing of rubble from the streets and the constructionof wooden shacks in the countryside to house the population.

Remained in ruins until the second post-war period, it was definitively covered by the current stonepaving that made it a panoramic square with a view over the whole town, while the ancient functionof the place remains legible, also thanks to the remains of walls and a chapel. behind the bell towerwhich has now become the clock tower.

In a possible reconstruction, based on the few documents available, including the precious stalls, itis thought that it was a single-nave church with 3 small chapels on each side.


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