The Roman Palace, a noble residence located within the ancient core of the historic center, is the result of major alterations due to the extensive damage suffered by the earthquakes of the nineteenth century and a landslide that hit this side of the town in the thirties of the twentiethcentury.

The building, donated by the heirs, to the Vincenzo Marinelli Cultural Association, houses the headquarters of the association and above all the largest collection of works by the San Martino artist Vincenzo Marinelli, as well as a series of works by other Lucanian artists.

Vincenzo Marinelli is recognized as one of the main exponents of nineteenth-century Lucanianpainting and one of the major exponents of the Neapolitan school of painting of the nineteenthcentury. Descendant by mother of the Sifola baronial family, being the father a doctor, at the age of six he went to live in Abriola.Leggi di più


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