Along the road that leads to the Castelluccio district, there is the chapel of the Addolorata, whichtakes its name from the effigy of Our Lady of Sorrows that was once placed above the altar. The painting depicted the Madonna pierced by a dagger and supported by an angel, with the Christ just placed at her feet.

It is a noble chapel, once belonging to the “De Pierrofamily, whose palace is located a few metersfurther on, a noble family of San Martino, which had possessions in the nearby countryside and, asusual, of family members who held offices ecclesiastical.

The construction of the chapel can be traced back to the early nineteenth century, as its existence isattested in a document dated 1833.

The chapel is on two levels: the lower part was to serve purely as a warehouse, the upper part has a ceiling with a cross vault and stuccoes in the nineteenth-century style.

The dead Christ was placed under the altar: a carved Christ that is now inside the church of San Francesco

In 2009, as the plaque on the outside attests, the chapel was donated by the De Pierro family to the municipality of San Martino d’Agri to be restored and reopened.



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