Located close to the church and the former convent of the Observant Friars Minor, along Via Croce, the main artery of the village of San Martino, Palazzo Manzone still retains the layout and construction features of the time of construction.

The plan of the building has a square shape and is spread over two levels: the main floor consists of large and communicating rooms, with a frescoed hall with geometric and floral motifs. The groundfloor, used as stables and warehouses, is characterized by arches, vaults and wooden ceilings.

The last heir of the family was the doctor Luigi Manzone who in 1881 married the poet Teresina De Pierro, also belonging to a noble San Martino family, and together they emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to pursue the republican ideas with which had been raised. They settled in the city of San Isidro where the doctor became president of the Italian Relief Society, afte



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