Along the road that from Piazza Plebiscito reaches the Castelluccio district, we find the splendid Palazzo De Pierro, which belonged to the local noble family of the same name. It is a historic building with roots in 1700. The 1853 inscription certifies the construction of the vaulted area that allows the passage between the upper and lower part of the building, but also a public roadconnecting two important arteries of the town. Particularly significant is the artistic marble portal with clear references to 18th century sculpture, accompanied by an original wooden door in chestnut. Typical architectural elements are still visible: the arches, the vaults, the stone paving that cover the stairs and the top frieze with metopes and triglyphs.

It was the palace where the poet Teresina De Pierro was born in 1859, appreciated by

Carducci. At the age of sixteen she published a collection of poems related to the Italian Risorgimento, in 1881 she married the doctor Luigi Manzone with whom she left for Argentina, disembarking there after two months of travel. Although she returned sporadically to her country of origin, she has always kept a bond with it, writing letters and keeping herself informed about the life of these places and its citizens.


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