The convent of SantAntonio constitutes a complex of indisputable artistic and environmental value. Built on the edge of the town, it is located close to the main road and with its bulk dominates the dense building plot that makes up the town.

The Convent hosted the Observant Friars Minor until 1866, when the religious houses were suppressed. It has a quadrangular portico on the ground floor covered with frescoed barrel vaults and open to the outside with a succession of round arches. The composition of the arches is not repeated on the upper floor which instead has simple openings on the cloister.

Thanks to the size of the spaces, it was used, at different times, as the town hall, as a meeting place for the city: it was in fact the first place in the town to host the television. To buy the first TV were a group of villagers, who were entitled to two seats, one for themselves and one for a relative or a friend. The TV also allowed remote attendance of middle school, in years when middle school was not yet present in the town. The same room, one of the largest, has, for years, hosted the banquets of weddings that were celebrated in the village, this until the beginning of the 80s. After the earthquake of 1980, it was used as a middle school, today it houses a museum.



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