Built in the 9th century, it was restored following the earthquake of 1857, which caused extensive damage to many structures in the town, and completed in its rebuilding, as evidenced by the inscription

affixed to the portal of the church, only in 1893. The facade is made in neoclassical style with the presence of four pilasters, which support the triangular pediment, and a stone entrance portal with simple moldings.

On the right side of the façade is the imposing Romanesque bell tower completely made of Raparo limestone left exposed and divided into four orders.

The legend about the place where the church was built tells that one night a deaf-mute shepherd, Mario Conte, who took refuge in a cave due to a storm, after lighting a fire, began to hear a voice begging him not to burn it. Frightened, he approached the source of the voice and saw the statue of the Madonna, hidden by the faithful during the period of iconoclasm proclaimed by the Byzantines. The shepherd quickly came out of the cave to warn the citizens of the town, who cried out to the miracle in hearing the voice of the shepherd until that moment silent. They therefore decided to build the church near the cave where the miraculous discovery took place.Leggi di più



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