Betrayed by the promises, never kept, of equality and freedom made by the invading Piedmontese, many young southerners gave birth to revolt movements, which spanned the whole of southernItaly. In the hinterland of Lucania, given the very favorable geomorphological conformation, several groups of brigands were born, who tried to subvert the new Savoyard government.

The thousands of young southerners who believed and fought for a unified Italy, but above all for a more just world, were betrayed. The reactionary tensions against the new social order made living conditions more fragile in a society already deeply tried by poverty. The disregarded assignment of state-owned lands, due to the strong Savoy debt, the increase in taxes and the price of basicnecessities, were the main causes of triggering the revolt which many historians consider one of the first civil wars in Italy. ‘Contemporary Italy. The first disturbances manifested themselves at first sporadic and uncoordinated, then in an increasingly organized form. The bands of brigands weremainly composed of people of humble social extraction, former soldiers of the army of the TwoSicilies and former Garibaldi soldiers. As the protest mounted, the repressive force of the Piedmontese soldiers also increased, to the detriment of civilians, women and children, oftenvictims of real reprisals.Leggi di più


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